Alturus helps companies decarbonize their operations, rapidly and at scale with no upfront capital investment required

We identify, optimize, develop, and fund energy infrastructure upgrades on a programmatic basis.

The Alturus EaaS solution provides guaranteed energy savings, increases operational efficiency and reduces emissions. Our turnkey, off-balance sheet approach eliminates cost barriers so that efficiency and facility infrastructure upgrades do not need to fight for capital in a competitive corporate budget cycle.

Scalable across facilities and geographies, the Alturus EaaS solution can effectively implement a wide variety of efficiency, conservation, and generation infrastructure


Market Intelligence

Alturus maintains an actively managed database of customer’s facility footprint, utility rate structures, available revenue mechanisms and site suitability for each solution type.


Net Zero Engine

A proprietary technology platform that optimizes infrastructure upgrade projects based on their environmental and economic benefits within a customer’s overall corporate energy, infrastructure, and sustainability strategy.



Alturus models regional market dynamics and site considerations to identify projects that have the greatest potential to create strong economics and meet the needs of the customer’s sustainability, operational, and risk management goals



Alturus implements and funds identified projects under a unique energy -as-a-service pay for performance model


This enables efficiency, energy supply and supply chain related sustainability targets to be reached without any capital investment. Resulting in guaranteed emissions, and cost savings while providing predictable results, detailed reporting and communication materials that can easily be shared with stakeholders

Benefits of the Alturus Solution



Large-scale programs implemented on an expedited timeline with minimized costs



Programmatic initiatives to meet sustainability goals and generate material cost savings



Simple, consistent, and repeatable structure

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